Support Democracy and Human Rights in Hong Kong

Online petition initiated by: Canada-Hong Kong Link (Toronto), Canadian Voice in Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Civic Education Society (Vancouver), and Friends of Hong Kong, Calgary.

The organizers will take a non-partisan approach in handling the e-petition campaign. We aim to work with all parties in our future work related to Hong Kong.

This petition is open for signature until October 20, 2019.

Petition signatures (including name and address) will be sent to your Member of Parliament and federal election candidates. The petition organizers may contact you to provide updates on this e-petition, but will not share your information with anyone else or use your information in any other way.

Update: the text has been modified to recognize the withdrawal of the extradition bill on Sept 4. But this is too little too late, and we must still support the Hong Kong people's four other demands.

Petition to Members of Parliament and federal election candidates

  • This year the Hong Kong Special Administration Region government (HKSAR) proposed to amend its extradition law to permit the extradition to Mainland China of a person arrested in Hong Kong even on the basis of a questionable statement from the PRC authorities. Citizens of all countries would have been subject to this law, so it was a threat to anyone who lives in, visits or is in transit through Hong Kong.
  • We are well aware of the cases of Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, Canadians who have been arbitrary detained in China since December 2018. In China, there is no due process of law as we know it.
  • Faced with overwhelming opposition from the people of Hong Kong and broad support for them in the international community, the HKSAR Chief Executive Carrie Lam did not announce withdrawal of the Bill until September 4. This is too little, too late. As of today, she still has not responded to the Hong Kong people's four other demands.
  • Hong Kong Police have used excessive force against protesters, journalists, first aiders as well as civilians. Besides the indiscriminate use of expired tear gas and water cannons, the police fired rubber bullets and beanbag bullets at their heads at close range, risking serious injuries, including permanent blindness. While attempting to arrest protesters, police have beaten passengers indiscriminately in subway cars and barred first aid volunteers from helping the injured.
  • The HKSAR government and Hong Kong Police have infringed international human rights covenants. They have turned a blind eye toward gangsters’ assaults on protesters, journalists and bystanders. Many people have been hospitalized, including one person with life-threatening injuries.
  • The escalation of police and gangster violence in Hong Kong, the integration of People’s Armed Police from Mainland China into the Hong Kong police force, and the Chinese government’s threat that social unrest in the city could be subdued by force put the safety of the 300,000 Canadians in Hong Kong in serious jeopardy.

We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, ask you to
  1. Immediately take the following actions prior to the federal election on October 21, 2019, and also call on your party and the Canadian government to:
    • pressure the HKSAR government to respond to Hong Kong people's demands especially the set up of an independent commission of public inquiry to investigate all violent incidents in Hong Kong,
    • impose export controls on military, social surveillance, and crowd control related technology and equipment to Hong Kong until the human rights violations there have been addressed by the HKSAR Government,
    • sanction those key officials and decision makers of the HKSAR government and police force who are responsible for violation of human rights, rule of law and autonomy in Hong Kong, freezing their assets and banning them and their immediate families from entering Canada,
    • urge the Chinese government to refrain from sending the People's Liberation Army or People's Armed Police to Hong Kong,
    • continue to pressure the Chinese government to release the Canadians who have been arbitrarily detained in China since December 2018.
  2. If elected, continue to work actively within your party and in the Parliament of Canada to achieve the above goals.